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UCL Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering Sciences


Engineering (Mechanical) MEng

A four-year degree programme

Learn to apply engineering principles to real world challenges

Key Information

UCAS code
4 years

This page is an introduction to this degree programme

This programme is accredited by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) on behalf of the Engineering Council for the purposes of fully meeting the academic requirement for registration as a Chartered Engineer for the 2014 -2021 student cohort intake.

Introduction to the Engineering (Mechanical) MEng programme

The Engineering (Mechanical) MEng is a challenging four-year programme which will equip you with the analytical and design skills relevant to a wide range of careers. You will learn how to apply a deeper understanding of engineering principles to a range of real world challenges.  During your time at UCL Mechanical Engineering, you will be taught by world leading researchers.

Applying for the MEng rather than the three-year BEng allows you to fulfil the educational requirements for Chartered Engineer status, with a single qualification. The programme concludes with a major group project, including the opportunity to design and building vehicles for international competitions like IMechE Formula Student and the Shell Eco-Marathon.

Integrated Engineering Programme

You will study mechanical engineering in the context of our Integrated Engineering Programme giving you the opportunity to:

  • tackle practical engineering challenges throughout your programme
  • develop transferable professional skills
  • tailor your programme to your interests
  • study and collaborate with students in other engineering disciplines

Watch this IET video to learn more.

Career options

Mechanical Engineering is a broad discipline which can lead you to pursue many different career paths. On completing your degree programme, you can choose from a variety of fields including:

  • aerospace
  • motor vehicle design
  • marine engineering
  • medical engineering
  • manufacturing
  • railways

The problem-solving, analytical skills you develop at UCL Mechanical Engineering will make you an attractive candidate for employers in many other fields.  These include commerce, banking, and management consultancy.

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Modules in the Engineering (Mechanical) MEng programme

First Year

Second Year

Students must select one minor. More information on the minors available to students on the Integrated Engineering Minors page.

Third Year

Students will be taking two more modules, continuing their minor subject from year two.
More information on the minors is available on the Integrated Engineering Programme Minors page.

One Level 7 module is taken in the third year to provide a greater choice of options in the fourth year.

Fourth Year

Fourth Year Options
Students must choose 1.5 course units’ worth of optional modules. All modules are worth 0.5 course units unless stated otherwise. No more than one module (0.5 course units) may be at Level 6.

MECHM01P Engineering in Extreme Environments MECHM02P Health Assessment of Engineered Structures
MECHM004 Materials and Fatigue/Fracture Analysis MECHM007 Heat Transfer and Heat Systems
MECHM009 Electrical Machines and Power Electronic Systems MECHM020 New and Renewable Energy Systems
MECHM005 Applied Thermodynamics and Turbomachinery MECHM018 Electrical Power Systems and Electrical Propulsion
MECHMB04 Applications of Biomedical Engineering MECHMB08 Medical Imaging
MSIN3002 Marketing Communications (Level 6 module) MSINM703 Organisational Change
MECHMN01 Ship Dynamics (worth 1.0 course units) MECHMN03 Ship Hydrodynamics (worth 1.0 course units)
An elective module worth 0.5 course units at Level 6 or 7

Students must take at least one of the MEng-only optional modules, MECHM01P and MECH02P.

Due to timetabling limitations the following restrictions apply on particular combinations of modules:

  • Students may only take ONE module out of: MECHM004, MECHMB08, MSIN3002
  • Students may only take ONE module out of: MECHM007, MECHM009
  • Students may only take ONE module out of: MECHM004, MECHM018
  • Students may only take ONE module out of: MECHM005, MECHMB04

Please note: The choice of modules maybe constrained by availability and timetabling.

Fourth Year Programme Summary

A key feature of the fourth year is the Group Design Project in which you undertake a single major design assignment under the guidance of a member of academic staff. This course has been arranged to develop your skills in working as part of a team. This is necessary because most projects in industry are so complex that they involve teams of engineers working together to achieve an overall objective. The task that you will be undertaking is one set by an industrial company as this makes it as near as possible to the kind of work you will be undertaking in industry.

For the fourth year the examination period is moved forward to the end of the second term, leaving you free to concentrate on your assignment during the final term. It allows you to draw on knowledge gained in earlier years in order to tackle a really challenging assignment. The second core subject is Advanced Computer Applications in Engineering in which you learn about some of the latest computer software applications in such fields as finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics. These topics are introduced in earlier years but only studied in some depth during this fourth-year subject. As with the third year, the remaining subjects will not be discussed in detail as they are mainly areas of study that were started earlier in the course.

Study abroad

One feature of our four-year MEng programmes is the option for you to study abroad  for one academic year before rejoining UCL Mechanical Engineering. Visit our Study Abroad website to find out more.

Please note that there is no option for studying abroad on our BEng programmes.

Extramural Year

You may choose to take a year working in industry between the third and the fourth years of your MEng degree programme. Please note that:

  1. this posting needs UCL approval in advance, and
  2. you will be required to write a comprehensive report on your work and what you learn during the year.

Mechanical Engineering 4th Year group projects

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