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Dr Rebecca Shipley's Tissue Modelling Group
UCL Mechanical Engineering


Claire Walsh

  • Rosetrees Postdoctoral Fellow: May 2016 - current

Academic Background

In 2006 Claire joined the University of Bristol reading a joint honors Physics and Philosophy MSci. After graduating in 2010 and developing an interest in biophysics, Claire joined the UCL CoMPLEX DTC scheme in 2012 funded by the EPSRC. During her MRes year she undertook a wide variety of projects including developing a microfluidic and image analysis system for high throughput monitoring of C. elegans. On completion of her MRes year she went on to a PhD in the Materials and Tissue department at UCL. Her PhD research focused on bubble dynamics within human tissues. Such bubble dynamics are the cause of Decompression Sickness (The bends), which is a risk for SCUBA divers. Her research approach was to develop a complementary system of in vitro and in silico models.

The system consisted of a collagen gel tissue phantom and small pressure chamber; and a 3-dimensional sharp interface immersed boundary computational model. The system was used to investigate bubble nucleation, cell-bubble interactions, tissue elasticity and diffusion at the phase boundary. Claire completed her PhD in 2017 and joined the SCALES project as a post-doctoral researcher under Simon Walker-Samuel and Rebecca Shipley. The aim of the project is to apply novel imaging techniques such as high-resolution episcopic microscopy (HREM) and Optical projection tomography (OPT) to validate the numerical simulation of CAR T-cell cancer therapy.

This work is funded under the Rosetrees Interdisciplinary Prize 2016.


  • PhD Modelling Biological Systems, University College London (2017)
  • MRes Modelling Biological Complexity, University College London (2012)
  • MSci Physics and Philosophy, University of Bristol (2010)


  • Walsh, U. Cheema, N. Ovenden, E. Stride (2017) Quantification of cell-bubble interactions in a 3D engineered tissue phantom, Scientific Reports (Accepted)
  • Walsh, J. Ho, D. Yue, A. Dardik, U. Cheema (2017) Current Advancements and Strategies in Tissue Engineering for Wound Healing: A Comprehensive Review, Journal of Advanced Wound Healing.
  • Ovenden and C. Walsh (2016) Fundamentals of Physiological Solid Mechanics. In T. Smith (Ed.) Fluid and Solid Mechanics (pp. 196-217) World Scientific Publishing (UK) Ltd
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